Waybest Tower is excited to announce that we have been appointed as a Petzl products dealer (with a full line of rigging and safety equipment). Petzl is a leading manufacturer of equipment for work-at-height and rescue professionals: fall arrest, work positioning, personal escape, difficult to access and confined space rescue systems.

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Waybest Tower is pleased to be a dealer for Novabraid Rope Products. Novatec Braids manufactures a wide range of braided synthetic ropes from nylon, polyester, Kevlar®, UHMPE, and other high strength and floating fibers. Rope constructions from 5mm to 75mm diameter include double braids and hollow braids or custom fabrications for specific applications, including weighted ballast ropes. Standard Novabraid rope constructions are commonly used as winch lines, hand lines, block lines, tag lines, mooring lines, braided hawsers, static safety lines, fall protection, net ropes, reflective boundary lines, floating rescue lines, tow lines and in other applications where high-quality dependable braided ropes are required. Standard reel lengths and custom cut or long lengths are available.

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These products will be stocked in our regular inventory and displayed in our product showroom.