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Tower Technician

Position: Full Time         



Assist in construction and erection and repair of towers, lighting and antenna systems placement. This job would be based out of Medicine Hat, AB.


Job Functions:

1. Climbing towers and ladders at various heights
2. Erection of various tower types
3. Off-loading material and inventory
4. Installation and maintenance of towers, antennas, lighting systems
5. Following of Fall Safety procedures
6. Assist in tower erection using helicopters, cranes and gin poles
7. Assist in the installation of various types of antennas such as VHF, UHF, cellular, FM broadcast and microwave parabolic antennas
8. Assist in the installation of all aspects of cell site foundations, grounding and conduits, with electrical installations where applicable.



1. Comfortable and proficient at working with heights
2. Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions
3. Ability to read a compass, set azimuths and down tilts per specifications
3. Ability to read and interpret various plans
4. Line sweep knowledge preferred



1. A minimum of 3-5 year experience performing the above job functions
2. Valid driver’s license with a driving record that meets company policy criteria
3.Prior training in Fall Protection, Rescue, First Aid, CPR with a working knowledge of safety standard standards and regulations in Alberta


Working Conditions and Physical Demands:

1. Must be able to work nights and weekends as needed
2. Must be willing to work in extreme weather conditions when required
3. Must be willing to travel extensively if required
4. Must be in good physical condition with the ability to bend, twist, squat and lift 75 lbs. and pull his/her own body weight plus equipment weight up a vertical tower repeatedly for long periods of time.